Adlava Presents: Fantasy Football 2017

We’re back for another round of Adlava Fantasy Football! In the 2016 season, our Marketing Director, Justin, came out on top. Who will win it all this season? Follow along on our Youtube or Facebook pages to stay in the loop!

Week 1: Nick vs. Amanda

Winner: Nick

Week 1 Summary:

Sadly, Nick redeemed himself against Amanda, and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

adlava fantasy football week one

Week 2: Justin Vs. Karl

Winner: Karl

Summary of Week 2:

Karl claims his first Adlava Fantasy Football victory!


Week 3: Colton Vs. Eugene

Winner: Eugene

Summary of Week 3:

Colton & Eugene pair up to make Adlava’s most awkward video yet.

Eugene and Colton face off in the Adlava fantasy football league

Week 5: Jenevine Vs. Justin

Winner: Jenevine

Summary of week 5:

Justin suffers yet another loss at the hands of our web designer, Jenevine. Another victim claimed by Biscocho house.


Week 6: Jenevine Vs. Kiyo

Winner: Kiyo

Summary of Week 6:

Jenevine is forced to eat her words after losing to Kiyo. Looks like the tables have turned!

kiyo vs jenevine football

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