Nick Kaptain: Success is Just One Small Pivot Away

"It’s all about learning from your mistakes, learning from other people’s mistakes, and just trying to get better every day." This is the guiding principle strongly lived by Nick Kaptain. And this is clearly reflected within the companies he's established, one of which is Adlava, a web design, digital marketing, and software development studio right at the heart of Las Vegas.

Nick sat down with Jake Gallen to talk all about growing in business and in life. From starting his enterprises and building a company culture, to foreseeing the future of Adlava and the Vegas ecosystem, he's proven that success is just one small pivot away.

Starting Out

After some soul searching, Nick moved to Las Vegas in 2002 to finish up school at UNLV.

He then got a job in the real estate arm of Light Group, which he considers his college education. While it was a rough experience, this is where Nick learned about marketing, sales, and creating events – all of which became a solid foundation for Adlava’s technological and software development capabilities.

"There’s nothing like real-life experience," he says.

Leadership Style and Company Culture

For Nick, success is all about having a great team. That’s why he has cultivated an environment where people feel free to think, to create their own decisions and destiny, but still work hard.

This has clearly paid off with Adlava, a company that’s formed by a family-like, close-knit team that truly enjoys working together. We have built a unique culture where everybody has the same mindset of building rapport and trust with customers.

Our team members care about their own and each other’s successes. Plus, we make sure that customers feel comfortable and know that Adlava genuinely cares about their success. Their happiness is our own.

Of course, we're all about hard work and doing whatever it takes to deliver results. But, as Nick reminds us, if you love what you do, you love who you work with, and you love your customers, the success will happen naturally.

Adlava’s Core Business and Principles

When the team at Adlava first came together, we wanted to make sales wherever we could. As our team evolved and improved, and as our customer base grew, we focused on building websites as our core competency.

Over the years, we've consistently adapted to where the market is going and based on the needs of our customers. Today, our core business relies on software and digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

In addition, Nick explains that design is extremely important for the Adlava team. That’s why, for all our clients, we dedicate time and attention to the look, feel, and brand equity of their customers’ needs to ensure that we deliver a great product.  

The Future of Adlava

To adjust to the changing times, Nick explains that Adlava has pivoted to become more of a content house doing a lot of creative campaigns. He also talks of our plans to produce podcasts, where we will interview staff members about projects and bring in clients to talk about their businesses.

Looking forward to this new year, the company’s goal is to go deeper into clients’ businesses through content creation. We also want to help clients showcase who they really are, so they can in turn help their respective customers succeed. We aim to inspire clients to open up and be more transparent, knowing that people will want to do business with brands that they’re comfortable with.

The Future of Las Vegas

"You can only control what you can control." And that’s exactly what Nick and the Adlava team do.

While Las Vegas was hit pretty hard by the ongoing global crisis, we took this time to rebrand, look at who we are, review what our clients’ needs are, and spend more time learning what customers want out of our services. We worked more, we worked faster, and we made personal sacrifices for the business. We looked at who we are as a brand and how we are communicating with customers.

Though no one knows what the future is going to hold, Nick wholeheartedly believes that Vegas is going to come back stronger. He ends the interview saying, "Las Vegas is family to me… I love living here… I think it’s a great home base." And Jake agrees just as well.        

Need a little extra help with your content and digital marketing, software development, or web design needs? We’ve got your back. Contact Adlava today and let’s talk more about your brand.

Watch Nick Kaptain’s full interview with Jake Gallen here to learn more about his key to success.

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