Should You Use Pinterest for Your Business?

As of 2021, Pinterest was the 14th largest social media platform in the world. Because it’s not as massive as other social networking sites, it may be overlooked by small businesses. But Pinterest offers unique functionality that sets it apart from other platforms. And it boasts a passionate and engaged user base. 

In this blog, we dive into why you should use Pinterest for your business and how you can make the most of it. 

Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest

In case you’ve never used Pinterest or fully maximized the power of the platform, here are four good reasons why you need to use Pinterest for your business:

1. Powerful Visual Search Engine

What sets Pinterest apart is that it’s more than a social networking platform. It’s a powerful visual search engine. It’s an idea and concept goldmine that specializes in visual formats like photos and videos. Instead of searching for hashtags or specific users to follow, pinners input relevant keywords or phrases to find the content they need. This functionality enables businesses to market themselves in a unique way to potential customers.

2. Massive Global Reach

Pinterest has over 430 million monthly users who come onto the platform to find inspiration and fresh ideas. Over 60% of global pinners are women, but there’s a growing base of males, as well as Gen Z-ers (increasing 40% year over year). Specific to the U.S., there’s potential to tap into demographics with strong purchasing power. Pinterest has seen a 35% year-over-year growth amongst millennials, and 45% of those with a household income over $100K are on the platform.

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3. Non-Chronological Content

On most social media platforms, users consume content that pops up on their feed or recommendations page. But because so many pieces of content get published daily, businesses must post consistently. Most post daily but others, depending on their business needs, post multiple times a day.

But because Pinterest functions as a visual search engine, content does not expire or get buried under newer posts. Even if you post an “easy DIY home renovations” pin in 2022, a pinner in 2024 may still stumble across your pin with the right search terms and optimization efforts.

4. Ideas and Inspiration Platform

Once upon a time, Pinterest was the website to create "dream boards." That spirit endures and is what makes Pinterest unique from other social media sites. It’s the place where people go to find new ideas, learn skills, and get inspired. Whether it's five different ways to cook chicken, styling an old pair of pants, or renovating the home, pinners are often people who are pursuing their passions and seeking solutions. Showcasing how your business helps them take a step closer to their goals is also one step closer to a sale.

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Your Business

If you maximize the tools and opportunities that the platform has to offer, these are four unique advantages of using Pinterest for your business:

Cost-Efficient Content Production

Because the content on Pinterest is non-chronological and doesn’t go out of date, you can get more value out of one post. According to Pinterest, ads on the platform have 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion. They also have a 2x higher return on ad spend for retail businesses compared to social media. Plus, content doesn’t get buried in a feed. It'll continue to show up under the right search terms, so you don’t have to constantly produce new content to update and replace old content.

Users are More Inclined to Act (and Buy!)

Unlike other social media platforms where people scroll through and engage with content that come up on their feed, users on Pinterest search for ideas and tutorials for things they are interested in. 85% of users say that Pinterest is their go-to site to start a new project. And because many are genuinely pursuing their passions and interests, they are also more likely to buy. Shoppers on Pinterest spend twice as much per month compared to users of other platforms.

Wide Range of Business Solutions

Pinterest offers a diverse toolbox to address every business goal. These include awareness, consideration, conversion, and even offline sales. Leverage the platform’s flexible ad formats including Standard, Video, Shopping, Carousel, and Collection. Business profiles also have access to unique features like the Creator Hub, Audience Insights, and Pinterest Trends.

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You Don’t Need A Website

Even if your business doesn’t have a website, you don’t need to shy away from Pinterest. You just need to make a business account on the platform to get started on your Pinterest marketing campaign. A business profile will let you create idea pins, upload assets, create shoppable pins, and more. You can also link your other social media accounts to your Pinterest so that you can cross-post across platforms.

How to Succeed at Pinterest for Business

Understand How Content Works on Pinterest

Pinterest’s slogan for marketers is “Stop Interrupting. Start Inspiring.” That should guide all your content creation efforts. While most of the searches on the platform are unbranded, with the nature of the searches — which are often about scouting ideas and information towards a goal — people are open to solutions, even branded ones. For example, a person may search for “trendy spring outfits 2022.” While this search is unbranded, they will still likely view a pin of spring outfit ideas, even if it’s from a brand account.  

Additionally, take note of how users consume content on Pinterest. 82% of pinners use the mobile app, so it’s recommended to go vertical and create assets with a 2:3 aspect ratio.

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Ensure the Technical Side is Sorted

Aside from creating engaging content, consider the technical side of things to maximize the reach and impact of your assets. Make sure your images and videos don’t pixelate on various screen sizes. Write descriptive copy that will assist with your SEO rankings. Add a text overlay, and ensure your external links (like your business website) work. 

Furthermore, analyze your audience insights to understand your audience’s behavior and optimize your content strategy moving forward. Are they gravitating more towards DIY tutorials? Do they prefer infographics? Leverage what’s effective amongst your target audience and create more of what they’re looking for.

Optimize Your Pins

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, you can optimize your content as you would in a traditional search engine. With relevant keyword-driven descriptions and hashtags, you can improve your rankings and increase your searchability. 

Ready to use Pinterest for your business? We're ready to guide you. Specializing in data-driven strategies and digital solutions, Adlava can help you develop your Pinterest marketing plan and take your business to the next level. Book a free strategy call today!

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