Jul 23

Fergusons Downtown with Jen Taler

Located in the heart of the Downtown Las Vegas community, Fergusons Downtown is now known as a hub for community and local creatives. This historic motel was revitalized into a thriving space that houses weekly events that celebrate businesses rooted in community.

Episode 8 of VegasForward finds us going behind the scenes of Fergusons with Jen Taler, who co-founded the concept with Tony Hsieh and today oversees the creative strategy. She sat down with Nick to explain just what Fergusons means for our Las Vegas community and the future plans she has for this Vegas landmark.

VegasForward by Adlava is an opportunity to delve into the lives of the people, uncovering not only what they do, but who they are. Business may keep our city strong, but it’s the individuals that continue to create, innovate, and push Vegas forward.

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