Jun 4

Foundations Fit for Success

Episode 6 of VegasForward finds us with non-other than Alex Lee, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Foodie Fit, a Las Vegas local business that creates healthy, grab-and-go meals ​ready to heat up and eat up.

This thriving meal-prep business is much more than another food spot – it’s a customer service-focused community of individuals built on the principles Alex and his partners have learned from their past experiences. Adlava’s CEO, Nick Kaptain, uncovers some of the magic that makes Foodie Fit so special as Alex speaks on some of his core principles that have driven his business decisions for the company.

VegasForward by Adlava is an opportunity to delve into the lives of the people, uncovering not only what they do, but who they are. Business may keep our city strong, but it’s the individuals that continue to create, innovate, and push Vegas forward.

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