Apr 28

NFTs and Cryptocurrencies with Jake Gallen

Born and raised in the Silver State, Jake Gallen discusses his life growing up in Vegas and how he has developed the skills to become the person he is. Though Las Vegas is incredibly known for nightlife and The Strip, Jake and our host, Nick Kaptain, discuss how prevalent it is in many lives and how many can transition into different avenues as the Valley continues to grow every single day. Now best known for his work with NFTs and Cryptocurrency, Jake Gallen educates his audiences through his experiences on and offline!

VegasForward by Adlava is an opportunity to delve into the lives of the people, uncovering what they do and who they are. The business may keep our city strong, but it’s the individuals that continue to create, innovate, and push Vegas forward.  Adlava is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency based in Las Vegas.

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