Oct 22

Tacotarian with Kristen Corral

If you are looking for a restauranteur who's breaking down boundaries and creating trends in the Las Vegas food & dining scene, look no further than Kristen Corral.

Kristen began her journey by opening Tacotarian back in 2018, a plant-based Mexican eatery now boasting several locations. She also helps restaurants through her co-creation of LOCO LAS VEGAS, a locally-owned food delivery cooperative that offers an alternative to using 3rd party food delivery giants.

Kristen is also the co-founder and active member of the Umbrella Consulting Team who aims to bring together leading experts to help other restaurant concepts become a reality. To top it off, Kristen also owns Little White Dog Co. a pet sitting, dog walking, and animal massage center serving the Las Vegas area. To say Kristen is motivated is an understatement.

Our CEO Nick Kaptain sat down with Kristen to talk about her passion for helping Las Vegas local restaurant owners reach new heights through her journey of starting and growing a small business.

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