6 Months 2 Success

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Guiding You to Success

project overview

6 Months 2 Success is a unique goal attainment program where members track their progress through a deep, intuitive, user-friendly app that follows the program’s success philosophies.


  • Mobile Application Design & Development
  • Web Application Design & Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Strategy & Consultation

The Challenge

People set a lot of goals that ultimately go unachieved. 6 Months 2 Success is solving this by creating a program that includes success principles like accountability, assessment, progress tracking, and camaraderie. We worked with them to translate their methodologies into a robust but still user-friendly iOS, Android, and web application.

The Solution

We met routinely with client leadership to brainstorm, review wireframes, plan sprints and consult. We built much of what 6M2S is as a business together, creating administrative and social features. Designers and engineers solved problems in an agile workflow, allowing the client quick feedback. The end product was something we were all proud of, like a digital journal of one’s goal-setting success. Something we think will change lives.

Project Highlights

This project had a very high degree of collaboration and consultation with the client. We worked together to translate their vision into an enjoyable, and effective, product.
Amanda Hernando
Lead Designer
Justin Harris
Account Executive
Cecilia Padilla
Account Manager
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