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project overview

C.H.H.A. is working to combat the physician shortage one clerkship at a time by mentoring students for US residency. They help medical students build a strong foundation in clinical medicine and prepare them for success in the annual residency match.


  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Interaction Design
  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing

The Challenge

With such a huge shortage of physicians in the US, the primary goal for C.H.H.A. was to get more medical students from within the US and India and expand their reach to a much larger market. The client was lacking any online presence. They had no website, social media, or digital marketing strategy. We needed to create everything, with their target demographic in mind. We knew we’d need to really target IMG students who are interested in participating in a USCE in the current or upcoming school year.

The Solution

We designed and developed the website to provide important information to prospective students: how the program works, how to apply, and other general information about the program. The site utilizes animated infographics for a better understanding of statistics and other important information. We created the applicant dashboard to be able to easily walk prospective students through the application process, step by step. Adlava kickstarted their digital marketing strategy with PPC and paid Facebook campaigns targeting specific regions and keywords. We began keeping all social media accounts updated so they can remain active and distribute useful content.We implemented a blog strategy to help C.H.H.A. grow organically, get more search traffic, and rank better in Google for relevant keywords.

Project Highlights

One of C.H.H.A.’s main objectives was to attract more medical students and provide them with useful information regarding their clinical clerkships. An obvious design decision for me was to tailor the website to these students by showcasing young medical professionals in their environment. This provides a sense of familiarity relative to the demographic, as well as giving the website a youthful yet professional look and feel.
Karel Bello
Creative Director
Justin Harris Las Vegas Headshot
Justin Harris
Account Executive
Emily Reeves
Project Manager
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