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A New Experience for the City of Las Vegas


project overview

The City of Las Vegas sought a strategic partner to undertake a large scale redesign of their public facing website. The website serves as the central communication hub between the city and its many different users from tourists to business owners.


  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Interaction Design
  • Strategy & Consultation

The Challenge

The number of different user types (residents, tourists, businesses, etc.) provided a challenge in organizing and presenting content in a way that allows each user to quickly access the content they need, yet remains simple and easy to navigate for everyone.

The Solution

Working closely with key members if the City of Las Vegas Government, Adlava performed and in-depth analysis of each user type, their needs, and the most sought after content. Using this information, the Design team then thoughtfully crafted a series of unique page layouts optimized to display each type of content, allowing the client to easily update content and provide all users with a pleasant, seamless experience.

Project Highlights

I wanted to provide the client with enough tools (layouts) for them to display all their required content in a visually interesting, and pleasing way. Each layout was thoughtfully designed, keeping them simple and usable with a little bit of Vegas flair.
Karel Bello
Creative Director
Justin Harris Las Vegas Headshot
Justin Harris
Account Executive
Emily Reeves
Project Manager
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