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project overview

Our goal was to create an updated website that highlights New West's expertise and showcases the breadth of their projects.


  • Web Design and Development

The Challenge

Their old site didn’t have much information about the projects, services, or the company, so we had to create layouts that highlight those areas in more depth while keeping a clean modern look.

The Solution

We decided to build out a more robust website with detail pages for each project and service. We also chose to do a few photoshoots to create custom imagery for their team and projects. We kept their brand colors but cleaned up the design by using a lot of white space, alongside thin linear icons, and subtle patterns to add some depth. This allowed their custom photography and projects to stand out more.

Project Highlights

It was great working with a professional company that trusted us to create a clean aesthetic and add in the details that make it unique. The custom photography helped the site come together to look professional and personal while showcasing their projects.
Amanda Hernando
Lead Designer
Justin Harris Las Vegas Headshot
Justin Harris
Account Executive
Emily Reeves
Project Manager
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