Stratas Auctions

A Refined Collector Car Auction Experience


project overview

Stratas Auctions came to us as a newly established company, looking to create an online car auction site with an accompanying CRM. We came up with a website solution that was straightforward, allowing users to consign and bid on vehicles. Within their CRM, we ironed out their process from the very beginning when they receive a consignment, to the final stage when a vehicle is sold and archived.


  • Web Application Design & Development
  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design
  • Strategy & Consultation

The Challenge

Stratas Auctions wanted a very direct way to get the users to sign up and take one of two actions: consign or bid. The vehicle information came with a hefty amount of content that we had to compact onto the main areas of the page, while keeping it easily digestible for the user. Ensuring security and the timely manner of bids, down to the very last second, was a raised concern. Another challenge was translating all the information collected from the auction site to the CRM, and figuring out how the two platforms would communicate. Since Stratas Auctions was a brand new company, we also had to figure out and finetune a lot of their processes as we went.

The Solution

We created a product that’s to-the-point and encourages users to take action. Enabling the users to ask questions and leave comments helps give the sense of community on the platform. Thorough QA testing ensured the bidding process will work perfectly as intended. Stratas will be able to collect information at different stages of each process to help them better understand what their users need. The complementing CRM solidifies their internal processes and gives their specialists the ability to handle everything they need within one platform. Overall, Adlava built a platform and tool that serves the client’s needs and also gives them room to evolve in the future, as the company grows. Using a user-centric approach, we developed an interface that easily guides the user to exactly what they’re looking to do, whether that’s consigning a car or participating in a live auction.

Project Highlights

Stratas Auctions is a special project for me, because I worked so closely with the Stratas Auctions team. Together, we really honed in on what we wanted to provide to users and how best to deliver a product that they could easily immerse themselves into. It’s definitely a fun industry to dive into, and it was such a pleasure learning about online car auctions!
Jenevine Biscocho
Sr. UI Designer
Justin Harris Las Vegas Headshot
Justin Harris
Account Executive
Emily Reeves
Project Manager
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