Daryl Ontiveros


Born and raised in good ol’ Central Texas, Daryl earned his B.S. in Advertising from Texas State University as a 1st gen student before heading out West to seek new opportunities and experiences alike in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Daryl's professional focus is in content marketing and aspires to be a so-called Renaissance Man in this spine of the marketing umbrella.

When he’s not busy creating assets for clients and polishing his skillset, he’s busy creating assets for personal expression and polishing his skillset. When he’s not doing either of the prior, you can find him longboarding into the sunset, on a desert trail on a 105°F day, sketching/brainstorming at a local libations establishment, or at the gym maintaining the gainz. He’ll talk to literally anyone, about anything, anywhere -- so send him an email, write him a letter, send him a telegram or pick up the other end of the Dixie Cup phone line and he’ll be happy to chat!

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