Nick Kaptain

Founder and CEO

Nick Kaptain is the founder and CEO of Adlava. With a somehwat unorthidox background in industries including real estate and Vegas nightlife, he got involved in websites and marketing after experiencing the common struggles that virtually all businesses face. Since 2009, he has worked to build an environment at Adlava where talented individuals can collaborate to help businesses meet these challenges.

In 2017, Nick cofounded Quotible with local automotive retail veteran, Wesley Gregg, to help automotive dealerships streamline their lead response process. Although in a different industry, the concept behind Quotible is similar; helping businesses solve challenges.

Nick also serves on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada and is an avid supporter of encouraging young talent in the Las Vegas community.

In his spare time, Nick can be found supporting our Vegas Golden Knights, spending time with family, or preparing some of the best meals for the Adlava team.

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